They will give a talk about DeFi with Bitcoin: Introduction to RSK and Smart Contracts

Organized by Crypto Resources on Friday, August 21, there will be an online meeting on DeFi construction with Bitcoin: „Introduction to RSK and Smart Contracts“. This was reported to Cointelegraph en Español from Crypto Resources in Argentina.

„Crypto Resources has organized this new community meeting, where we will talk about DeFi (or Decentralized Finance) together with RSK, Money on Chain and Defiant“, the organizers said.

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The speakers who will participate are Gabriel Kurman, from RSK / RIF, to talk about vision and products. Solange Gueiros, from RSK, will talk about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Smart contracts. In addition, members of Defiant Team will be holding a Defiant Demo, and you’ll be talking about how to issue Crypto Wealth with BTC. The moderator will be Camilo Rodriguez.

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At the end there will be a drawing of 100 $DOC for those who are BPRO holders. To participate, interested parties must fill out a form. If you do not yet have your BPRO to enter the $100DOC drawing, a video tutorial will show you how to do so.

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Some facts about DOC and BPRO

The Dollar On Chain (DOC) is a stablecoin that uses bitcoin as collateral and is always worth a dollar. It is a coin that is attached to the dollar. BPRO is a token that is intended for bitcoin holders. When the price of bitcoin goes up, BPRO goes up a little more and when the price of bitcoin goes down, BPRO goes down a little more. It also has a number of additional revenues that allow bitcoin holders to have a passive income on their bitcoin.